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Bathing or showering is a routine of washing or emerging of the body in water with a purpose of maintaining personal hygiene, performing a therapeutic procedure for healing, relaxation or as a ritual. As a personal hygiene procedure, it helps to prevent the spread of diseases and keep the body clean of toxin deposits which… Read More »

Sleep is considered to be a dynamic activity. It is state of unconsciousness when human perception and sensory mechanisms are suspended while the voluntary muscles activity is stopped. During the sleep, the anabolic activity is raised, promoting rejuvenation of body systems, including immune, skeletal, muscular and nervous systems. The amount of sleep optimally required by… Read More »

Weight loss, when pursued intentionally to achieve physical fitness and/or health condition improvements is expressed in reduction of the total weight via loss of body fat and consequent reduction of lean mass and body fluids. Weight reduction occurs when the body is using more energy then it’s receiving nutritionally. The common goals of intentional weight… Read More »