Too much pollution by humans and how to reduce it

Pollution caused by human activities poses significant dangers to both the environment and human health. The severity of these dangers depends on the type and extent of pollution, as well as the duration and exposure levels. ...  read more

Too much food additives (spices)

Food industry trade secrets

food industry additives We’re living beings and we eat for living and live for eating. The food is what keeps us alive. On the other hand, the food industrialization slowly takes over our basic instincts that allowed us to harvest our own foods. ...  read more

Too much MSG (Monosodium glutamate)

What is MSG?

msg powder

MSG is an abbreviation for monosodium glutamate (a sodium salt of glutamic acid or L-Glutamic acid). A German chemist Karl Heinrich Ritthausen has discovered Glutamic acid in 1866 by treating wheat gluten with sulfuric acid. ...  read more

Too much dust (in house)

too much dust

Dust is considered an environmental contaminant. Dust particles range in size from 1 µm up to about 500 µm. Approximately 60% of dust particles come from the outside homes through vents, windows, doors and contaminated clothing and other items brought home. ...  read more

Too much noise (acoustic)

too much noise

Acoustic Noise is a type of sound that under specific circumstances is classified as an unwanted sound (or noise pollution). The same sound produced under different circumstances, may become a desired type of sound and will no longer be classified as noise pollution. ...  read more