Too much of a good thing may do you harm. At some point in our lives, something that initially felt good, became unpleasant and something that helped us to improve our health, eventually led to new health problems.

too much of

We’ve just had too much of it.

Too much of anything is toxic. It alters our inner balance, integrity and ultimately damages our state of well being.

It’s moderation that matters. Everything in moderation is the key to our physical and physiological wellness.

Excessive moderation is not good. It renders the existence bland and boring.

Life works by rule of balance. Every life branch of nature seeks to find a true balance in rhythm and harmony. There must be gray lines in our lives to let the colorful lines be expressed.

Harmony is a symphony of life. When we listen and follow its notes, our bodies reward us with longevity and our minds with prosperity.

Too much of:

  • Water can lead to water intoxication and losses of essential body minerals
  • Vitamins can alter our body chemistry and cause illnesses that we take these same vitamins for
  • Antioxidants can suppress the most essential function of our immune system that fights cancers
  • Exercise can lead to chronic adrenaline exhaustion and wear out our joints
  • Happiness may become an insanity
  • Laughter can result in suffocation
  • Money may exhaust the essential sense of appreciation, causing a life long depression
  • Sleep aids will cause a dependency and a chronic insomnia over time
  • Sleep will alter body’s cortisol cycle and lead to hormonal imbalances, lower immunity and increase chronic inflammation.
  • House cleaning using chemical laundry detergent substances will cause a metabolic diseases over time as they are highly toxic products
  • Any significant lifestyle imbalance will wreak havoc on body systems
  • Havoc will lead to chronic diseases