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Oral health should be considered as one of the most important aspects in maintaining overall health as it’s a part of the digestive mechanism. If you already have or plan on having a root canal procedure done, read important information on root canals. Tips on keeping your teeth healthy Foods to avoid or limit Processed,… Read More »

Sleep is considered to be a dynamic activity. It is state of unconsciousness when human perception and sensory mechanisms are suspended while the voluntary muscles activity is stopped. During the sleep, the anabolic activity is raised, promoting rejuvenation of body systems, including immune, skeletal, muscular and nervous systems. The amount of sleep optimally required by… Read More »

Thirst is a basic instinct to drink. The need to drink arises when a body becomes deficient in fluids or there is a change in cellular osmosis. Natural causes of thirst and dry mouth are often associated with Electrolyte imbalances Eating salty or spicy foods Excessive sweating Breathing at night through mouth Anxiety – possible… Read More »

Loose skin (a.k.a. skin sagging and stretched skin) is often referred to as a cosmetic condition when either the skin lost its elasticity due to age or too much loose skin is available for a body mass that is smaller then the amount of skin that is required to cover it. Common causes of loose… Read More »